Public stretching: yes or no?

I occasionally stretch in Public. Normally my thighs by pulling the foot up behind my back as far as possible or sometimes stretching down and touching the ground with straight legs.

I probably look like a freak to some people, and I’m not sure why I do it. Is it a ‘look what I can do’ statement, or maybe I’m bored and want to kill time by doing something useful? Or maybe its a direct reflection of the fact that I don’t stretch enough and should do it more?

I’m guessing I mostly look like an idiot – stretching should only be done in the Gym etc.



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6 responses to “Public stretching: yes or no?

  1. There’s a bloke who regularly stretches in the car park in our housing estate and we all laugh at him. I mean, what a random place to stretch. It is as if he actually WANTS people to watch him. I think there’s a difference between stretching in a public place to warm up / cool down before doing something else, i.e. running, but not simply to stretch for it’s own sake and then go back inside as this guy does. Or maybe he just lives in a shoebox and doesn’t have the space!

  2. riiight.. so I’m still not sure if I’m in the weirdo category. If it helps, I don’t setup and do a routine of stretches, I tend to do just one stretch to my toes or 1 each of the legs – and thats it!

  3. dimitris

    yes you are a weirdo!!!!
    to other people for sure you are a crazy man that is doing that stuff that also the russian girls do at the Olympics :P (comment received from a friend to me)

    but this is because your body feels hungry for stretching and this comes straight from your subconscious. It is like when you want to fart :P Its necessary for your body but not socially accepted (still everyone does)!!!
    I started doing 2 times per week sessions of 1,5 hour of pure stretching (3 times per week I do gymnastics/tricking and 2 times kitesurfing). I had the same problem with you but now for me is much much better! And I saw a performance increase also!

    P.S. what happened with that book you were reading? finished it? I cannot find a review at your posts.

  4. *mark refuses to believe he’s in the weirdo category”

    I’ve finished that book, and written waaaay too much on the topic, I just haven’t put it up yet. i’m still considering whether to hack it in half, or just throw it up like it is. I’ll pull my finger out and get it sorted :)

  5. I’m a firm believer in public stretching. My brother converted me into a public stretcher. Everywhere we can find rails, similar to ballet barres, we stretch. Last weekend he had to make an ATM withdrawal at the bank, and I discovered “ballet barres” outside the bank, so we did our stretching using the bank’s barres. People might get inspired by seeing public stretching, and start stretching everywhere. Wouldn’t that be fun and healthy?

  6. sweet – stretch on! …. just not in a ‘weirdo way’ :)

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