pushing past my earwax

this issue contains 5 things:

  1. Last night I did situps. go me. could this be the start of something incredible?
  2. Tonight I’m going to the gym and plan on doing back flicks (my nemisis)
  3. I’m more than half way through that book I mentioned last week
  4. I’ve collected loads of tricking and flipping medias which I intend on compiling into a ‘bulletin’
  5. I’ve given up alcohol and taken up croissants

In detail:

1: I have had a situp bar for the last 5 yrs on the back of my livingroom door. I used to hit it up religiously until I realise it wasn’t doing much for me. I’ve decided to give it another go.

2: Backflicks suck for me because I f0rked my shoulder learning switch round offs. I’ve torn something in it, I can rattle my shoulder about. (not good). I can still do them, but they hurt. I’m sure I can figure out a better technique whereby they won’t hurt. Send tips on a postcard to the usual address.

3: Uhh yeah.. I have

4: As I crawl the web world, I tend to dump all interesting things into a folder named ‘tricking’.. and within that I have a buncha other folders that categorise things further. Some I use, and some I don’t. I think I will start creating a friday bulletin whereby I can dump all the remaining things I’ve found into one tasty post. Will probably look at cross posting it on trickzorz.com too. Its the karma thing to do.

5: Yeah, I’m a bit worried about this last one. alcohol fair enough – but croissants? i’m hoping they’re just a phase like my current addiction to marmite rice cakes.


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One response to “pushing past my earwax

  1. @ number 5. Hell yeah, Croissants are awesome, i love those. They are much better tasting than beer. Healthier too.

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