The day it connects

Practice and you will preach.

If I think back to the time skating at milfield mini ramp, that day when I remember suddenly getting ‘good’. It was my first public performance on a ramp for a long while and all the practice paid off. I could string together ‘runs’ of tricks, back to back. My progression was obvious. I looked professional in my display.

Now I’m thinking about tricking and how the same thing is bound to happen if we continue working hard enough. One day, after all that practice, that day will arrive. And it will be a glorious one. It’ll hit us like a wet trout in the face. We’ll wonder what happened, and think of it as an amazing session, a good day. But from then onwards, things will never be the same again. We will have moved up a notch. We will start to stand out from all others. All the pieces of the puzzle we have been learning for years will start to come together and connect.

That day is coming for all those that train regularly… its unavoidable and incredible. It will happen… it can’t fail to. The good people know what I’m talking about, and the average people might think they are there, and the beginners will just dream of the day.

One thing is for sure, when everything connects, you know about it. And you ‘will’ know about it. It’ll be the best day you’ve ever had and it will continue.

That is what all the practice is for. For that day.


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