Gym destruction

these clowns got me smiling right to the end. Titled ‘free running training’ and thats how it begins, but it quickly turns into ‘A night of foam destruction’. Have you got 7mins to kill? then click play, then go say hi:



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4 responses to “Gym destruction

  1. this makes me wonder, How the heck do people find such good places to train? The only place i have been able to find is a two hour drive from here, and they have only one runway, one crash mat, one trampoline, and one plyo(sp) floor area only a little bigger then my living room. As an added bonus it rains here pretty much all year around, and we have dogs, so even when its not raining i can’t train on my own lawn. (doing a round-off into dog crap isn’t fun).

    That gripe finished, that video was awesome, haha. ^_^ loved the crash ‘n burns.

  2. I don’t know where you live in the world mate, but gymnastics is global so unless you’re living in the middle of knowhere (which it sounds like you are) then you should be able to find something.

  3. I remember when my brother was younger he couldn’t find a gym to train in – they didn’t think a boy would fit in with all those girls and he may put them off!

  4. yaeh I know plenty that get put off by the lack of boys doing it.

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