Future flips

Martial Arse, Gimpnastics, Free hugging and Parkqueer (c’mon, if ya can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?) No matter what fence you’re sitting on – why do we even need to straddle a fence? – personal preference is based on a) what your parents forced you to do as a kid (gym) or b) what you’re older brother forced you to do (MA) – or some variation of the 2. Oui? Wurd.

Which brings me nicely to these 2: First up, Berkay, a 12yr old from a MA background followed by 14yr old Pithiki with a Gymnastics background. Does it really matter who does what? not really, its all flipping isn’t it? I’m impressed by both personally.

Berkay, 12 – Belgium

Pithiki, 14 – Greece


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  1. Hey man. I just launched a community tricking blog last night and I would love for you to come be a part of it. http://trickzorz.com

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