sweating for england

A Quick update:

Based on the fact I always judge a good gym session by the size of the sweat patch on my t-shirt, last nights activities were clearly a good one. I sweat a lot for a skinny bloke, and its always troubled me for sports as I need to wear clothing that doesn’t highlight my sweatiness too much. Now I do think that sweaty people generally are pretty gross… For example if I’m on a bus (i’m never on a bus btw) and someone sweating – thats clearly just walked 10 yards to the nearest cake shop – sits in front of me. My gag reflex tends to go into overdrive. However, when in a physical activity like sports, sweating is ok, its a sign of someone working their arse off to try and get fitter – this I wholly approve of. Luckily I’m in the second category, I rarely sweat whilst walking to a cake shop (and I walk to cake shops quite a bit btw). Soooo back at the gym, by some miracle I’d managed to free myself of a blinding headache earlier in the afternoon at work, caused by pressing my forehead up against an old CRT monitor and staring at the red, green and blue pigments of colour whilst watching the visualisation screen of Windows Media Player. Lets just say that its not advised, my only saving grace being that I didn’t have my glasses on, so I figured a headache would have happened sooner or later regardless.

Anyways… Post warm-up and minus headache bode well for a good session, and I wasn’t disappointed. Once the rugrats (under 18s) had departed, the real mission of figuring out what to learn began. The focus of the evening was more of everything, faster, longer, smoother and more chocolaty: switch btwists, double btwists (off the tramp) ‘umpteen gainers and standing backs and the bonus feature of the night, round off backs whereby you launch skywards and looking in the opposite direction of travel and then delaying the ‘flip as much as possible. I’m sure there’s a fancy martial arts / gymnastic name for this, but I’ve no-idea, so I’m not even going to try and name it. That aside, they felt great. Oh and I chucked several backflip x-outs (I believe) and also the other one where you run in the air upside down (flash kicks?)

Ahh I love not knowing the correct terminology for things… Its the only innocent naivety I have left. Please let me keep it and just giggle at my stupidity in moderate silence – I thank you.

What else? That’s probably it. I want to go to gym tonight (wed) but can’t as the old man decided to throw a birthday for himself without telling me, so I better go say hello. Next session thurs – and the camera ‘will’ be in action.

Byebyebye etc – mark


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