Thursday gym update

Gym last night. What happened?

From a rather crap warm up, where I did bugger all accept chat to my mate, we started a few lines of flips to really get things going. This is normally where I decide if the night is going to be a good one or a bad one. Prior to the session I had several painkillers, a bar of Bournville Dark Chocolate, a packet of Scampi crisps and half a packet of cheesey crisps: loaded up on calories and sugar, failure is impossible.

I set myself up to try handspring punch fronts, and whilst I didn’t nail them as such – the momentum was there. I actually realised that I’ve got to get my handsprings much better first before flipping out of them. In time tho. Loads of cartwheel side sumi’s, and a few round off backflips with a few kicks in the air… dunno what that’s called, flash kicks possibly? anyways, I did about 3 kicks in the air on each, so that was nice. I felt like a ninja.

Then I ended up on the long trampet thing, trying front sumi’s to front punch out – got a few of those and then moved on to doing the biggest pike fronts I could. I need to get a few of those on film, cause they feel great/high/styled and nice.

Back on the floor, I drilled a few standing back tucks with the proper technique, ie: straight up all the way looking forwards, then a delayed rotation, landing perfectly flat on my feet. I still need to try grabbing the backs of my legs, but that should be a piece of cake. Next up: A few handstands on the bars, the first couple are always great, followed by me getting progressively worse until I give up. Dunno why that is yet, maybe I’m tired at that point?

Finally I ended up having a pit session throwing various gainers, websters attempts and… oh yeah… I’m mucking about with delayed extended r/o backflips, i’ll have to film them, because I can’t remember what they’re called. The final thing worth mentioning is switch btwists. I’ve been drilling regular ones for ages, but they feel pointless because I’m spinning the wrong way to combo… so I began figuring them out in the opposite ‘wrong’ way. They turned out to be a piece of cake. I really surprised myself.

Soo…. a good night in all. Looking forward to monday or tuesday when I can go do it all again. I’ve had a week off from filming, but I’ll be sure to document the latest at the next session.

Thats all: out – mark


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