How to get £5million for a tricking facility

Facilities for young people in the UK suck. I know it and I’m 35.

The biglotteryfund in the UK has announced £190m for young peoples facilities over the next 3 yrs. Divide that between the 10 main regions in England and that’s £19m each. Divide that by the 3yrs and you get about £6.6m per region per year. So if you, like me, live in the South West, you’ve got a real fighting chance of getting between 1 and 5 million pounds for pretty much whatever you can dream up.

Smart people, will have thought about facilities already, i’m not just talking about traditional facilities either, how about a massive parkour, free running, bboy, acrobat, tricking training facility in a full web friendly environment like Woodward in the US?

Oh yeah, that got your attention didn’t it?

The thing is. If you’re between 15-24 and have a damn fine idea that includes everyone, excludes no-one, works on getting people off their lazy arses and fit and healthy… then you need to stand up now and start drumming up support for it.

Its no good, hoping someone else will do it, cause life doesn’t work like that. Look, I’ll even help you out by telling you what you have to do to get it:

1: Write down your idea – do 1 paragraph outlining the basic idea, and then the rest fill with as many details and fun stuff as you can think up.

2: Get some numbers – visit your local spot and write down the numbers of people, the age ranges and the types of activities they do, every visit until you have at least a months worth of info: 30 days

3: Collect visuals. Showing what you do, how and where you do it, who you do it with and show the health aspects too. The more people looking happy and healthy in the sunshine the better

4: Walk into your nearest Youth Centre with all your info and tell them you want to speak to someone that can help you make an application to the Big Lottery Fund.

That’s it. Well its not, but its the start of it.

That last step, will be the biggest f*ckin brain explosion youth workers will have had in years. In fact i’m guessing most of them will shit their pants with excitement, because things like this, like you’ve just done, rarely happen.

A young person, being 1) organised and 2) passionate and 3) motivated about anything that isn’t purely selfish is for them, like finding a suitcase full of stolen 20s at the end of the rainbow.

What will happen next, will envolve them filling in forms and you not budging from your fantastic idea for as long as it takes.

Finally, sit back and wait for them to tell you when they’ve got the cash.

Simple. Like the idea? Going to give it a go? good… tell me about it.

find out more here:



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2 responses to “How to get £5million for a tricking facility

  1. Sounds like a great idea.

    What I remember of the UK, they had NO faclities for the youth to do anything physical.

    I think they have more arguments against youth culture than anywhere else on earth!

    Skateboarding – don’t build facilities, then complain when tricks are performed in carparks or shaopping malls.
    Break dancing – it’s not a ‘real activity’ and the music sounds awful (actually, just didn’t understand it!)
    Martial arts – just a passing fad and who wants to encourage the youth to fight each other

    I think I’m right in saying that the whole of the UK doesn’t have an Olympic sized swimming pool – until the 2012 buildings are finished.

    …and they claim they want a healthy, disciplined well mannered youth.

  2. true, but things appear to be changing tho. There’s now lots of money around for young people projects – there still a long way to go, but loads of schools are getting a decent investment and all the sports facilities surrounding them. Its still going to take years before the country sees the payoff.

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