selfishly speaking

I added a 6 monthly update to my ‘who am I’ page.. here it is in its entirety: (so you don’t have to wander off and read it)


Another 6 months or so gone by, and where am I now? Well, there’s been a couple of injuries that have set me back, but nothing too crazy and so far i’m still in one piece – or enough bits of one piece to continue at least.

Things have changed in my life and I’m now in a new job, this technically means its easier to get to the gym and flip, whilst the rising cost of fuel in the UK actually means that i’m considering cutting back on all ‘entertainment’ (of which I call going to the gym one of them) that involves driving.  What does this mean for gym flippage? probably that I’m going to get out more. The summer is getting close, the weather here is noteably better and doing something outside, even if its only stretching and basics, seems a lot more appealing.

My motivation for flipping hasn’t gone away as you might have noticed – even tho lots of people that started when I started have now disappeared (for various reasons). Basically, peoples lives steer them either into or away from their hobbies. Personally, when I find something I love I tend to hang onto it as much as possible, and try to continually include my life within them. I’m not sure that makes sense, but you get the idea.

As for this place. Hits are climbing up about 1000 each month, and last month was my best ever at over 7,000. I did read this article online btw, about how bloggers don’t tend to share stats with people, because they fear others finding out how little traffic they actually get. As you know, I’m certainly not shy about sharing stats, probably due to the fact that I still can’t believe the number of people that visit! Even if it mostly is all by accident or one-hit-wonders. I’m actually pretty stoked that people don’t comment much as well. I prefer talking to myself mostly anyway and it means I don’t have to spend my time sifting through comments everyday.

I’ve already hinted at future plans for this place. Starting with buying up a domain of this name and I’ve been considering a number of other things to grow the place. Like possibly inviting other bloggers to cross post their own content on here if they wish, to help steer some traffic back in their direction. I’m also considering giving some more stuff away… I still have a rather sexy brand new Eastern backpack at home that could do with a home around someones shoulders, and I’m sure I could throw in a couple of T-shirts too (from the vast collection of brand new ones I have about the house) I’ll think about that further and keep you posted. What else?

Oh yeah, for all the gymnastics heads out there, I have a collection of Olympic ‘stuff’ given to me from a spout of work during the last Olympics and Winter Olympics: backpacks, mugs, hats, signed posters, hoodies, jackets and more.. I’ll have to dig them out and see if its worth getting shot of it here… or maybe I’ll wait until the London 2012 games and flog em on Ebay ;)

All in all, life is grand, so I’ll shut up now and get on with it.

ok that’s me done… back in 6 months for another one!


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