Ryan Doyle – WILD: action sequences

thank god this dropped in my inbox rather than some god awful power rangers flick.

‘WILD’ from what I can make out is a sci-fi flick by Evilstuff dude ‘Terry’ (I know bugger all about this btw, I’m just making it up as I go along). So anyways… Tezza spotted r’kid Ryan tanked up on Stella and asked him if he wanted to star in some space-cadet zombie-esque ninja dream sequence movie… Ryan, said ‘go on then, any chance I can kick the shit outta some people please?’ …. and the deal was done.  (That’s how I like to think it happened anyway) … Check it:



Filed under filming, Flips, free running, Martial Arts, Tricking, video

2 responses to “Ryan Doyle – WILD: action sequences

  1. Terry Cheung

    haha, waw im Terry Cheung, the Evilstuff guy. I’m glad how the vid spread.


    check out more stuff there

  2. good work man, hope you’re planning more flip related footage in future, let me know if you do, I’ll pimp it here :)

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