Pre Tuesday tumble ramble

Gym tonight.

Whats the mission? Well, i’ve been thinking. I’d like to start stringing things together. Combos, routines, runs or whatever they’re called. Simple stuff, nothing jaw dropping. But its about time. I have enough basics to start linking a few things – just for my own pleasure tbh. I care not, if I look Iike a plonker or whether i’m going to win any favours with the cool crowd. I’d simply like to be able to make it look like I’m in control of what I can do and not just a one hit wonder. That’s the plan anyway, whether it’ll actually happen, is something else – but the intention is there.

I need a plan you see. I learnt ages ago that its no good going out with a blank brain. I need a list, a mental note to refer to, otherwise progress feels like its grinding to a halt. Normally I’d remember that I wanted to try something way too late, so late infact that I’d either be on the A39 driving back home or stood in the cheap wine aisle of Tescos looking for a post gym beverage.

Without a mission – we are pretty much directionless. We are largely happy great lumps of beings – but timewasting on the whole. Not good. In reality, what I actually end up doing on the night is the same old, same old depending on how I’m feeling on the night.

Which reminds me: The atmosphere. Some days its great, on other days it isn’t. What exactly makes a great atmosphere isn’t as obvious as one might think. It depends on the thing we want to learn. Which goes back to the ‘having a clue beforehand’ point I made above. Somedays I excel in a empty gym, other days I need people to inspire me, then there’s days when there’s too many people, or not enough of the right people, or just enough of the right people but none of the atmosphere. Catch-22 hey? I think the atmosphere is good when there’s enough people with enough intention of making the night a good one, by putting effort in to make it just that. If we all arrive, hoping that someone else is going to do all the motivating, then we end up going no-where.

Normally in the post flip chat before the sessions kick off, I do just that – I ask ‘what is the mission tonight?’, and it gets mixed reactions. Some people have no intentions, and some do. Then there’s those that make something up on the spot, to try and give the impression that they’ve planned something (I do that most of the time) or maybe people are just wise to the fact that I’m going to ask them and are ready for me? Possibly.

So, what combos am I talking about? Considering that I still haven’t kicked a thing in all the time I’ve been at the gym? Well how about multiple round off sideflips? Or backflips to backwards roll handstand kip up cartwheel sideflip? Oh I like the sound of that. I’ll try that one out.

Expect evidence to arrive, if i’m successful


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