Quebra: bye bye Skyrock

According from what I can make out from Babblefish translation tool, after 3 years on Skyrock blogs, Quebra has now moved to: http://cdoangers.free.fr/

The blog is still there, as well of loads of categorised videos… and will serve as a central hub for his capoeira group in Angers too.

The downside for you (and for me) is I can’t find the RSS feed for the site and Google Reader doesn’t recognise any either, that means, I won’t be getting the updates :(

So update your bookmarks!




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2 responses to “Quebra: bye bye Skyrock

  1. xixarro

    Hey mark,

    in the new FireFox 3 there’s an add-on that you can use to let you be notified when a website gets an update. Maybe you can use it for quebra’s new website?


  2. cheers for that mate. I thought quebra blog had moved, but the url still seems to have videos posted to it occasionally.

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