The Search – Battle of Champions

6 mins of powerful mens tumbling from the CheerXS crew covering ‘The Search: Battle of Champions’ (apart from a few clips of the ladies at the beginning):

Cheerleading doesn’t travel much outside the US, which is a shame because I think it should. Yes, I know there’s UK cheerleading too, but c’mon its not in the same league is it? Bearing in mind that pretty much every sport the British invented is dull as dishwater to watch (and we know it too) we could do with a lot of spice before, after, during and inbetween matches. I’m thinking about cricket, golf and snooker for some classic examples. British traditions are always bashed for being dull, which is quite right, because they are.. and I’m certain goes a long way in keeping the nation subdued and muted in our reactions and enthusiasm. We don’t want to watch and silently clap in politeness, but its the done thing in this country, so we’re stuck with it. bah, I’m ranting!

Anyways… this video is worth watching – even if you don’t ‘cheer’.


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