Trickset 7

7mins of mental tumbling, flipping, tricking nut-ness from the Trickset team posted up by Epic1. If this doesn’t make you want to go out and flip, nothing will.

Lovin the Flipsyde track btw.


Filed under free running, Gymnastics, parkour, Tricking, video

4 responses to “Trickset 7

  1. Jah

    These guys are ridiculous. I go to that gym with ’em sometimes. Great bunch of guys though. Always willing to have a laugh.

  2. ahAHah hey that’s my video!!! AHahAHa Right on!!!! TRICKset 8 is comin out soon, we been ont he news we been in a movie (low budget but it’s called THE DISK: CODE ZERO) stuff is fun!!!! WHOOO!!!!

  3. hey thanks…. I found the video already! :) .. and edited the post to include this link. Would be very interested in seeing the movie when its ready – let me know. thanks – mark.

  4. I want to be like them when I grow up.

    Awesome video.

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