I’m off to Japan

I’m not going to harp on about it, as I think people that do that are annoying, but I feel I have at least a couple of post in me regarding the trip. I only posted once about Africa after all. Those little messages I added to my footage below about flipping outside, all have Japan in mind. Oh wait up… I’ll explain:

A friend is off to Japan to work for a week or so… and I got asked if I wanted to go too, and damn yeah, like I was going to turn that offer down! Some people would chew their right arm off to travel to the other side of the world.. and I’m no exception. Japan is one of those place’s I’ve always wanted to go, (along with New York and Paris) and dreamt of but never thought I’d get around to it. After all, there’s a lot of stuff within my reach every day that I never get round to doing… and therefore Tokyo felt like a bit of a long shot. So whilst Em is going to be working (exactly how much I don’t know yet).. i’m going to be let loose wandering this incredible (check out flickrs pov) city. And being the ‘man with a camera’ I am… you know I’ll be documenting everything I see and making it public. I can’t help it. Social Media is what I do.

It also occured to me that tho I haven’t travelled very often in my life, I do seem to go great distances. South Africa is about as far south as you can get (whilst still being able to get a suntan I mean) and Los Angeles is about as far West, and now Japan is about as far East… I’m going to have to head North next, Iceland maybe??

This little trip for me is also why i’ve been keeping a close eye on Dogen’s travels… whilst he’s over there schooling, tricking and speaking fluent Japanese… I’ll be a typical dumb tourist, hanging about in cafés, getting lost and pointing at things to try and make myself be understood. Its for this reason I’m also grateful of his language video’s… hope he keeps them going!

I also want to be seeking out the ‘Far East Flips’ (FEF?) too… and whilst its no fun being in another rich country where the £ doesn’t stretch as far as I’d like… at least I won’t fear being mugged of all my gear like some places I’ve been to (most of those were in the UK btw). Lets just say, my eyes will be open, and the first person that goes upside down: will get a free sticker.

I’m going to stop talking now. I just wanted to say w00t publically… and I’m already wondering how I can sneak a 64″ plasma back through customs without paying tax on it.




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4 responses to “I’m off to Japan

  1. I’m proper jealous mate.

  2. thanks. Oh I forgot to say, I’m going in Sept. I should have mentioned that.

  3. I think japan is some kind of tricker magnet, Dogen went there, your going there, and I’d like to go there. And I’ve seen a lot of trickers on various forums etc, say that they would like to go.

  4. Nothing to do with flips my visit tho. Its somewhere I’ve always wanted to go because of the completely different culture.

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