Getting ready for something new

when are we ready? ready? yeah ready for it… to try something new.

I think we’re ready the second we ‘get it’… but keeping something is very different. I’ve had moves where I’ve learnt it in a few goes, ‘think’ that I’ve got it dialled and then it goes as fast as it went. New moves can be thrown and landed with complete naivety, based upon a few mental instructions.

If I do ‘A’ hard enough and rotate ‘B’ quick enough and I am ‘C’ high enough off the ground… i’ll land it.

That’s the mentality many of us can function by. A+B+C=landed. It can yield some amazing results.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve got it dialled. It means at that time, in that headspace, we’ve got the commitment and determination to push past fear and force a move to happen. Those of you that have read my words before, will know that I’m all in favour of saying fuckit and doing things before fear sets in, but I’m also in favour of (the adult mortgage paying part)  taking things slowly and learning the right steps before killing myself.

I know how moves come and go. And I hate to admit it, but its truely because I’m not skilled enough to keep them. I have enough balls to try most things and face the consequences, using the A+B+C method, but know that’s not enough for permanent ‘linking’ technique. It’s all gotta be drilled right from the start.

The sad thing is… people aren’t keeping up. And by people I mean the Internet, I don’t know of anywhere online that knowledgeable enough and contemporary enough to present gymnastics techniques for non-gymnasts online and for free.

Someone who comes up with that idea… will be very popular indeed, and most likely make a lot of money from doing it.

I’d love to do it… but don’t have the formal gymnastics background. I guess there needs to be a gymnastics version of the tricking bible

This whole post was inspired by watching bioobird throw this standing gainer 360 off a wall, and then realising in the comments that he’d only landed a couple before this… in a gym! crazy.

However not as bad as that guy that tried the double back on grass (yes you’re now famous for that trick!)


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