A ramble about gym, learning, people and me

gym last night. One of the best nights I’ve had for aaages. Everything was working; aerials were flowing well, r/o backs on the hard(er) floor, cart sides, r/o sides, then standing backs on the hard floor. Plus btwists and gainers off the horse. Backflips off the bars… plus plenty of kip-up variations, oh and handstands on the bars. All recorded, all planned to be edited this wkend (and the weather looks shitty here, so it might just get done!).

So yeah, there you go. Why the hell don’t those great evenings happen more frequently?? haha.. well maybe they will.

For 5 mins before our gym sessions begin, we get to watch the kids doing their thing. With the coaches putting them through hell etc. I had a thought, that we (the adults) don’t train anywhere near hard enough as what we should.. and how we (mostly) attempt stuff waaay beyond our abilities. I watched super dave following a warm up routine that would have killed my legs and thought ‘shheesh, no wonder us old gits get hurt’… we don’t focus on strengthing up any of our muscles before attempting something… the most we do is warm up and stretch a little. Many of us carried along by naivety and enthusiasm and stuff we’ve watched on the telly.

What was the outcome of this thought? I slowed down. I keep forgetting that this ‘learning’ isn’t a race against time. I’m not getting ready for a show, I’m not training for the olympics, and I’m not looking to get fit for the beach (i’ve always been fit for the beach) … no… I’m in zero hurry. The only pressure I get a whiff of… is watching the kids progress at a zillion miles an hour with bionic legs and rubber bones and the spacial awareness of an astronaut in a tumble dryer. (i’m guessing here that the astronaut have the ability to know which way is up etc based on the fact that they train rather hard for being upside down) – I didn’t need to explain that did I?

Sooo… whats the moral of this story? Eat more cakes? possibly… but I’d probably go more with the old dull, ‘must try harder’ line. Why I tell myself this, I’ll never know, cause I really can’t be arsed. Tbh – the most valuable thing I’ve found to progressing is not training harder whilst I’m at the gym, but going more to the gym in the first place and videoing whatever I do to figure out what I’m doing wrong afterwards. Eg: I tried websters and realised that I look at the ground too much. (you’ll have to wait for my video edit to see the wrong technique I have) … also I need to look behind me for aerials. Currently I watch the ground again (for ages) … sweet jesus, thank you for slomo. I can’t live without it atm.

On a completely separate note, I’m tempted to make a video edit of all the other people I flip with. Which includes that bloke from Skins that largely does bugger all cept look pretty all the way through the session. Its occured to me that I look like an unsociable b*stad all the time, putting out footage of myself… which is largely true (when I’m focused at least) … but in the flesh I’m Mr Hello? (whatever that means)

right I’m done. This has been a good ramble – gotta get up early tomorrow and hang out in starbucks editing video ;)



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