Free Running: Weston-Super-Mare Jam

The Weston session looks like it could become a regular thing. How do I know? Because good times always want to be repeated! check the session from Joe’s perspective, including a very nice double side flip and very nearly double front flip:



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4 responses to “Free Running: Weston-Super-Mare Jam

  1. Clare Hayes

    Hiya – you’re videos are wicked. I work at the Weston Mercury and I was wondering if you’d be up for us featureing them on our website. Can you drop me and email or give me a call, Thanks Clare – clare.hayes [at] archant dot co dot uk 01934 422500

  2. thanks for the good words and kind offer, but this isn’t my content! i’ve mailed joe about it and cc’d you in. hope thats ok.

    • ashley tedd

      how good are u

      i am only 15 years of age and i am pretty good on my own but i want to learn more about park-our

  3. ashley tedd

    how good are u

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