post shrapnel from a road trip.

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this before but my appalling memory allows me to do it all over again completely guilt free :)

people moan about loyalty, staying ‘true’ and a not selling out way to much. People that take a dig at others for trying to promote themselves or take a new direction because someones taking an interest in them… brace yourself … isn’t a bad thing.

I’m thinking about flippers that get sponsored, punk bands that go mainstream, trickers that get on a flow deal from a company.

I had a conversation in a car about someone who ‘sold out’, and it forced me to off load a brain full of common sense into the face of another. I can pretty much guarantee that anyone that implies ‘sell-out’, or says it directly has had at most, a neglected/damaging childhood in some way and at least a severe bout of jealousy. And if anyone disagrees with me… then that’s ok, but just aware that denying it aggressively is a natural reaction to a self protection mechanism. How do I know this? Because you have to know where the ‘sell-out’ reaction stems from.

Its all about attention, praise, acceptence and recognition… not have enough/any of it growing up, and the quest will be on for the rest of your life to find it from some other source.

Getting a ‘deal’ of some sort, is that attention, recognition and praise that many lost souls value. Its confirmation that they are OK, they aren’t that disappointment that they were always led to believe, and that someone believes in their life choices enough to support them either financially or materialistically.

Jealous types, normally feel hard done by, and struggle with others achieving goals through perceived ‘shortcuts’ or gimmicks or connections. I’m also thinking about YT evangelist renetto tried giving his nephew a kick start. People who react so badly, mirror their internal angst. Its so obvious once you’re made aware of it and becomes easy to spot.

Fear is a good example of this. Danger is subjective and those that say ‘no’, ‘stop’ or ‘don’t do it’ – may well be very right to do so, but are definitely project their fear onto the person attempting something.

Jealously is the same thing. We all emit our internal concerns, fears, opinions and more, often in less than obvious ways. It will surface as constructive criticism, gentle suggestions, direct insistence, behind the back comments, public flaming and worse. The instigators of such negativity, often just throw out a thought of opinion at a select few peers or followers to get the flavour of their thoughts, then sit back and watch the gossip fly.

Its a sign of the weak imo, becareful if you get wrapped up in it… accepting the thoughts and opinions of others without questioning too much or finding out the facts is as much a sign of your personality as it is of theirs. Its the ole karma thing after all. I’m very aware of it, and have a little internal giggle at those that get wrapped up in it.


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