checking (off) the list

today i ache. I ache not because I did any one thing. I ache because I did everything. The weekend was a bright one, albeit cold, and I got out for a roll on my board, I’ve been missing doing that and has been the cause of my weak flips through out the winter months. I skated on saturday and sunday, went to the gym yesterday and am going again tonight. But I ache. My legs ache and my back aches. It is a good ache. I like it.

Last night, I was subdued into thought about what to do exactly. When I started, I had all these things in my head that I wanted to learn, and i don’t have a list anymore. I’ve managed to tick off pretty much all of them. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots can’t do… but that means accumulating a new list. My initial list is complete… bar one… a back hand spring: my nemisis.

Before I started I wanted to do a backflip, a frontflip, sideflip, gainer and a btwist. I’ve got those, and more that I didn’t even know the names of at the time. Now I need a new list:

round off back full twist, a webster, front handspring punch front, a cork, an arabian

i’m sure there’s more. but that’ll do for now. that will keep me going for another 12mths!

I still ache. My back feels like its been stomped on by a thousand weeping elephants wearing steel toe capped stillettos. why? Because I tried many many kip-up combinations last night… with video evidence obviously. Which will be arriving as soon as I get chance to edit it.

btw – I’m off to Japan in Sept. that’ll be nice hey? more on that later.



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