Another reply to bob

Thanks for the reply ,did’nt really expect one , 

Old Fart , seems you know me already :o)  I know what you mean  youngsters open  up a whole new world of music and other interests that would normally pass me by. My mates bro does not mind me taking photo’ s but he’d hate the idea of me being around for anything else , as he got stick from his mates when I used to take him BMX’ing,  ” brought your granddad” type comments.

Mind you I get on with his closest mates so they may well be persuaded to take  me to the Gym one day (so they can have a laugh at me ), I’m so stiff these days I can’t bend enough to go past  mid shin  let alone touch my toes . So I’m searching for a local Gym I can go to  first so at least I’ll be a bit more supple before I attempt going anywhere with my mates bro. Any way take care. I’m off to read my camera manual.

regards Bob


Hey bob

Just remember a gym won’t make you supple, practice will. About 10yrs ago I tried to touch my toes and couldn’t. It shocked me cause I always used to be able to do it as a kid. From then onwards, everyday at work, I made a point of trying to touch my toes again. It took a few months until I got there, and I’ve kept it up every since. (I hate losing skills and abilities).

Before I went to gym, I skated for 20 years, before I skated, I was a B-boy for about 5 years… and that taught me to go upside down a lot and how to fall correctly. Also before I started going to gym, I couldn’t do anything ‘gymnastic’. That includes: flips of any kind, handstands or anything involving upper body strength.

Going to a gym class isn’t light work; handstands, cartwheels, forward rolls, backwards rolls, bridges, star/tuck jumps etc. Then eventually on to front and back flicks, round offs and somersaults. I used to measure my level of fitness by the size of the sweat patch on my t-shirt: it went from being completely soaked to the size of a frisbee, to a tennis ball, and now nothing. Since I’ve been through it, advising someone else is easy: If you have confidence in all your joints and are reasonably fit, gym is ok. If not, try something like swimming, or yoga or trampolining first. With regard to timescales for learning: if you’ve had 20yrs of doing nothing, it’ll take 20yrs to get good at something. As its not just the physical movements you’ll be trying to learn, you’ll be dealing with fear, confidence, flexibility, spacial awareness, timing/reactions, strength and many more.

The fact that you’re even considering joining a class is great… but assess yourself first. Can you look down and still see your genitals? or has there been a body equivalent of a conservatory built on you? If you currently can’t touch your toes, then a gym class won’t do that for you, all it will do is pencil in a time in the in the week when you try to reach them. To make any progress at anything you need to be able to work it into your life, make it routine and ‘want’ to do it everyday. I average twice a week at the gym and its not enough. And I’m a single fit man with no dependents and can afford it. Anything less that that and visits will be once a week (if that). Therefore progress will be very slow indeed.

Now I’m guessing you’re thinking ‘whoa, chill mista, I was only thinking about it!’. Yeah its ok, I know that, but I’m a ‘Life Streamer’ meaning, all digital content I create ends up publically available somewhere. Which answers your second question/email about the first email ending up online here. Only personal information relating to peoples identities are removed. And ultimately, this email isn’t entirely directed at you, but its also a blog post for me, my brain dump and for anyone else to stumble upon and read about too.

‘all knowledge is useless, unless shared’

Oh and if you’re capturing some decent parkour shots, send me the link… I’d love to see them :)

All the best – mark


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