Old git gets inspired – shocka

Hello Mark

having found your FlipCatch  site by chance I found it a very interesting read . My names Bob and I am an ancient 47 yrs , o.K. well I feel ancient sometimes bad knees , bad back etc and not due to gymnastics  or skateboards , can’t do either. My injuries are due to  getting battered in my youth  from  doing mock battles late 1970’s to mid 1990’s  and from  motor bikes  had a couple of interesting smashes ,  got pinned under the cab of an…..

                         ……… edited due to too much rambling……

…… damage has come back to haunt me ( arthritis / sciatica ) .

Anyway I ramble on ,  I just wanted to say Thank you for the articles re filming and photography , I’m just starting to get an interest in taking decent photo’s . Due mainly to a friends younger brother who I used to drive to my local skate / bmx park as there  were none near his home , well I started taking snap shots for him a few years ago , but  now he is older he is into Parkour so I’d like to be able to take at least one decent photo for him . Hence the web searches . Keep up the good work , I’m  even tempted to lose a bit of weight and try to get a bit fitter.

Regards Bob.

hey Bob.
Thanks for the email. Its good to know that people are enjoying my online discoveries, achievements and personal rambles! I get a lot of traffic through the site, but most just pass by without a comment, which sucks. The whole point of my blog was to inspire others and become motivated to have a go. Adult gymnastics classes in my area are fantastic… bouncing up and down on a trampoline is the funnest way to get get fit!

anyways.. get out with that camera and start documenting stuff. Hanging out with the kids has its benefits, you’ll gradually stop walking, talking and acting like and old fart ;)
all the best
Mark (old enough to know better, but doesn’t care) – aged 34 and three quarters.


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One response to “Old git gets inspired – shocka

  1. I’ll second that Mark, I often feel better through sheer osmosis after shooting some parkour. And I always feel ispired towards some form of activity afterward, be it the all too rare runs, or just a couple of hours on the Wii (get one they’re awesome!).

    Good luck with the photography Bob!

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