Aero-Dynamix: Los Navarros

Them Navarros sure do flip well.

This clip landed in the inbox this morning and I put it to one side cause I wanted to write a post about flipping with best friends, about crews and life situations pulling people with similar interests for a set period of time. However, the best people to flip with have to be your own self, or twin if you’re lucky enough. Failing that, your own bro. The Navarros appear to have the common interest and skillset dialled. The thing with blood brothers is, you rarely fall out and stay enemies. The motivation bounces off one another to progress and push each other: more so than friends imo. Bro’s go back home together, often under the same roof and wake and eat in the same spaces. Talk about 24/7 motivation. I’m sure we’d all like to have that.

I have 3 bro’s. None flip. 1 could. Adam. I’m working on getting him interested in it.

Check out the Navarros bro’s:


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