Flips with fat ankles

If I was a car, I’d be a fat porsche

Fat Porsche 

Just got in from a session and had a good one. I’d been looking forward to it all day, as I haven’t been to the gym since last Thursday (possibly) and had been missing the upsidedown-ness in my life. To celebrate that I was gyming-it,  I went to a local café and had a full fat, coffa choca mocha with a muffin and a plate of chips (with extra red sauce) and a couple of painkillers. Its the diet of true athletes btw. Some athletes wear ankle weights, whilst I just add extra weight to my ankles.

The evening was a mild one tonight. The warm-up warmed up really quickly and I was dripping like a chicken in a tumble drier before you could say Lamb Biryani. I’ve noticed that the absence of flipping, generates mucho enthusiasm to try extra hard… so I did. Shot plenty of footage with the little camera; jap-fronts, cart sides and some ‘chucks’ off the horse: backflips and sidey things. (which I’m loving btw). I’ve been throwing gainers off the big horse and landing solidly on my feet, as well slinging plenty of cheat gainers that look nothing like I want them to look like atm, but I’m working on it. More btwist again. Random bloke says ‘dip a bit, level em up and look over your shoulder’… so I did and bloody hells bells,  I slid round faster than popping to the shops through a worm-hole. I’ll be hugging that technique again on Thursday – possibly tomorrow (wed).

What next? uhh… well I’m home now and I’ve just had another ‘comfort cake’ to wind down the evening. I’m planning on an early night and quick video edit tomorrow in the Caff at lunchtime. Gotta go and download clips now. Later people.

don’t re-read, don’t spell check, just hit publish




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2 responses to “Flips with fat ankles

  1. “don’t re-read, don’t spell check, just hit publish”

    Haha, i like that! That’s one quote i don’t think I’ll soon forget!

  2. yeah it forces me to publish immediately, otherwise I have loads of Drafts in progress which never get live. I could spend forever re-reading and editing my words, but who cares really? just get it out there.

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