Expect a little turbulance

One thing I’ve realised about life; we do things because we have the space to do so. And by space I mean Time. Sticking to a routine for a while allows us to get good at things – to find the most efficient way of doing something and ultimately saving us time to do even more things. It takes a while to get to this point and we all get there in some shape or form, though we often don’t really realise it until things suddenly change.

I dump loads of stuff here, because I have time. Thats now about to change. I have a new job which will involve me traveling more and therefore sucking away the amount of time I can spend doing fun stuff, i.e: this blog.

Currently I shift through lots of videos, web searches and RSS feeds to find interesting things, and also I think alot and write a lot to contribute here. I’m not saying that this is going to stop, but I’m aware that my routine has broken and I’d rather make people aware of this change, than to leave people wondering where I am or what I’m doing cause I’m not posting so much anymore.

Regarding the gym I flip in: things shouldn’t change, and things may even improve somewhat. In fact everything may improve, I’m not sure yet. But either way, there is no chance of me stopping blogging as I don’t intend to stop flipping!




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2 responses to “Expect a little turbulance

  1. Kendall

    Best of luck to you with your new job! I’ll still be checking up on what you’re doing here. :)

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