Dominic Lacasse: Flag personal best

Dominic Lacasse has beaten his personal best and world record time of doing the ‘flag’… It now stands at an incredible 42 seconds with legs together. It appears to be unbeatable. But the world is a big place, and there’s a hell of a lot of people in the world that train alone and in private, who don’t seek the limelight of approval and medals and stardom. Reese Forbes is a huge name in the skateboarding world and challenged the world to beat his ollie height with a massive comp, prize money and PR campaign. Everyone put their money on Reese, it was a done deal… more like a glory run for the guy really. That was until the Bristol Pistol stepped up out of knowhere and notched up 44.5inches beating Reese and leaving a lot of people skint and speechless. No-one has beaten it in 8 yrs!

Congrats to Dominic, but never rest up the training, there’s always someone in the shadows that is quietly watching and learning and training… its a big planet we live on.


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