Its all in the arms…

(and head, shoulders, knee’s and toe’s, knee’s and toe’s!)

Sooo, the most notable improvement of late is the discovery of ‘jap fronts’. That’s the type of frontflip I’m doing in the video below btw (the weird arm motion thingy).  It all started like this: I learnt regular frontflips, but could never get the timing dialled to open out. Not sure what was going on with those, probably me just being a complete arse. So I kinda dumped them and did loads of btwists and side sumi’s… and then one day I remembered to try this different technique for fronts. (note to self: bring a shopping list of moves to try out at the gym, your brain is shite). I try, and they’re good. More than good, simple(ish) …. aaaaaand I have no problems with the timing for opening out, as I never really tuck up on them anyway.

I’ve just got back from the gym tonight and bingo! (I don’t mean I went to gym ‘and’ bingo btw) I mean, ta-daa… they’re working well again tonight. What a beaut. So yeah, I’m super stoked about that, cause it feels like I haven’t learnt anything new in ages.

After gym I went to the pub and ate chicken. Now I have a fat belly. I think I need a sit down wee. A productive evening on the whole. Sucks that I’ve gotta wait til monday to go again tho :(  (the gym, not the pub).

What else? oh, I’m back on the gainer mission, on the flat, off some high stuff, exploders and imploders(??)… yeah something like that. Oh and front fulls.. those are a long way off yet, but I’m working on it.

carry on.


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