A declaration of interest:

Beginners guide to enjoying this blog:

I’m not a gymnast, I don’t do martial arts, I never flip outside, and I don’t do parkour. Effectively I don’t belong to any social group in the tricking genre. I’m also outside the average age group for people that take part in these activities, and don’t hang out on any of the online forums. This puts me in a great position to blog about all of these activities. The problem with joining any of these social groups is it narrows our view and feeds us predominantly with info, opinions and information about that genre. This place is unbiased, however…

… all my thoughts documented here, do have an underlying perspective which feeds every post I make:

1: All activity is good:
Whether its from traceurs, free runners, martial artists, gymnasts, trampolinist’s, divers, acrobats, bboys and more. (I actively exclude anything ‘extreme sports’ apart from the odd skateboarding reference)

2: I care about the PR of young people activities.
In the UK a lot of young people get a bad deal, and that bugs me, I’ve been actively involved in youth volunteering projects for 10yrs+, therefore anything I see that gets kids old and young, active and healthy, I want to promote.

3: You’re never too old to give something a go.
I hate it when people give up trying new things, because they feel they’re too old. I was 33 when I started going to the gym and couldn’t do anything to begin with.

4: Gyms aren’t just for Gymnast’s
I wasn’t going to put this one in. But I do feel that it has an image problem and should have a lot more people inside of it. Years ago I used to watch the gymnastics stuff on TV and always thought ‘wow’. Since discovering my gym, I’m keen to promote it to others to get in there and use the facilities. Exercise is boring, gym is fun. Its a no-brainer really.

5: All knowledge is useless unless shared.
This is the purpose of blogging in the first place. With-holding knowledge only serves to benefit oneself, which is effectively a useless and selfish act which I despise. I am documenting a journey of sorts and it is a long one, as I tend to commit to things for decades at a time. I’m guessing that I will still be here, long after others have given up and moved on to other things. By which time this blog will have died and moved to flipcatch.com. This is journey will hopefully be of interest to at least one person out there and for as long as one person reads, then I will continue.

This is the perspective for which I write. Enjoy, or don’t. I’m ok with that.  

Here ends the public service announcement. Carry on.



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2 responses to “A declaration of interest:

  1. Kendall

    Good post. These days I especially agree with “3: You’re never too old to give something a go.” In my adult tumbling class at my gym, I play alongside a 65 year old man, just a little under 3 times my age. He started about 2 years ago. And he puts me to shame on the bars (among other things).

    Never too old to give something a go!

  2. i liked number five a lot, that’s about as true as it gets.

    Personally, I think the only fun in knowledge is being able to share it again.

    I also just read your disclaimer, and it is indeed, the worlds best.

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