double back on grass?

15yr old trying double backs on grass?!? wft! I just want to tell the guy to stop trying them, but something tells me nothing short of a broken neck will get through to him. Mate if you are reading this, go to a gym and learn how to tuck correctly!



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9 responses to “double back on grass?

  1. Reid

    I’ll land it soon

  2. we know that… but which way up will you be?? seriously: Gym; mats; spotter; now!

  3. Pete Cracknell

    This is truely hilarious. There’s people teaching themselves stuff and then there’s this.
    I’ve heard that in aerial skiing you need what can almost be described as a license to able to perform certain skills onto the snow. Obtaining the ‘ok’ requires getting the move signed off when training into a water, proving you have the prerequisites and understanding to do the move.
    This guy has a lot of talent, but the last thing tricking and gymnastics needs is a news story following his broken neck, if not death trying this move!

  4. amen brutha… and yes I had to watch this a fair few times giggling to myself. Notice how the camera is on a tripod too? Filming alone; no-one there to call an ambulance.

  5. Reid

    Yeah, the park was completely empty except for a kid on a swing. I had the camera on a fence. I’m the guy in this video, my name is Reid. Next time I try the move I’ll do it in safer circumstances.

  6. Pete Cracknell

    To give you an idea, I tried a similar move into a vastly safer foam pit last night and twinged my back. It’s still hurting considerably now, but to think that if I’d tried it onto grass, I’d probably be in hospital.
    Foam pits aren’t everything, but my god they’re so so much safer than this set-up.

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  8. GO FOR IT!!…just in a gym in a foam pit if possible

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