flipping energy

Gym tonight, gym last night… gym several nights before that. Lovely hey?

One thing I noticed last night, was my flexibility improving… I mean its not ‘loads’, but its noticeable. Pushing up in to a bridge is much easier than when I started, the improvement is very visual to me, even if I do suck, compared with all those that have rubber backs! Also my splits are better. I should stretch everyday for that, but after 16months of doing this, I still haven’t got the self discipline to train at home, so I’m not stressing about it and accepting that I probably never will. However, I’m still making good progress, again the frequent sessions create those good results.

Last night was a quiet one. Very few people turned up, which sucked because I wasn’t able to get motivated by other people, but was cool because I had the gym to myself (within reason)  and to bounce about into a psychopathic sweat, whilst there were no people queuing to have a go.

Laura said: If I try to do too much, I get tired, don’t you get like that?

*deep breath

Noooo…. chaaaance! I tank up on sugary foods during the day, causing me to run between obstacles like an ADHD hyperactive, E number and caffeine charged headcase. I’m impatient when I have to wait for a go if someone else is taking too long. Eg: I can take a tumble on the track, hop out, get a flip into the pit, grab a bounce on the trampoline and get back inline for the tumble track again without losing my place in the queue. I’m an excitable little kid. I know that I only have 90 or 120 minutes to play… before I can get back and do it all again. I want to squeeze in as much as I can into that time. I don’t stop for conversation unless I’m filling my face with water, and even then ‘they’ have to do most of the talking. At the gym, conversations are queue time killers, the things I do before and after flipping… and I’m always flipping (or doing something).

Lack of energy is an excuse for being unmotivated


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