The Bill: Interview with Chase Armitage

This has edit been around for a bit, but I wanted to document it here anyway.

I’ve mentioned a couple of times ages back about the police and parkour, well some months later it appears another connected mind has thought similar things and worked it into the script of the Bill. Maybe this script had something to do with the spike of  interest in this site, waaaay back in September 07, I thought research was being done regarding outlawing it, when actually (and more realistically) someone was probably researching to promote it! Either way, here is Chase Armitage talking about his stunt doubling:

Check here if you want to watch the edited TV version with a great parody by Harry Hill afterwards:



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2 responses to “The Bill: Interview with Chase Armitage

  1. Pete Cracknell

    Is this guy a qualified stuntman? The stunt industry is over-saturated and hence very competitive and getting on the register is increasingly difficult. As a result I have more and more respect for stuntmen, yet on the converse, I doubt this guy is qualified and is getting work purely because he’s doing an activity that is in the now.
    I need to stop getting angry at parkour kids. They risk life and limb to fulfil their love for the sport.

  2. He’s not exactly a kiddie in a Lonsdale top… more like a pretty boy ninja, check out his CV on
    Talking about saturated, isn’t everything? every tom dick and barry with a digital camera thinks they’re a photographer, everyone with a myspace thinks they’re a web designer. Technically, things like this should threaten my career, however the quality always rises. Bring it on I say, I’ll take em all on ;)

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