How do people react?

when you tell them, when you show them… what you do for the first time?

Personally out of my social circle (who don’t flip or trick of any kind) .. they think I’m nuts, a ninja, they’re blown away, can’t believe it and are speechless. The distance between people that walk upright only, and those that go upside down occasionally…

… is vast!


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One response to “How do people react?

  1. I’m one of those lardy types that couldn’t do a flip if I was dropped from the sky, but I can tell you that I’m blown away every time I see parkour, tricking, or acro.

    I can also relate somewhat to the looks of bemusement you get from people: for example, when I mention that I take photos and have been displayed in the Tate, then people invariably start all the old David Baileys quips. It’s pretty normal for them to look completely blank when I tell them that I shoot parkour. Most people just assume I’m a wedding photographer, and I can assure you I have zero interest in shooting weddings.

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