HelldenAkro: high quality youtube

I want to post up HelldenAkro’s latest video for 2 reasons, firstly its great, filmed well, nice music and good quality editing, and secondly.. I’m testing out a little known hack for youtube videos giving you a higher res picture. What do you have to do to get this? Simply add &fmt=18 for a MP4-encoded version, with better audio and a 480×360 resolution. Apparently you can add &fmt=6 for just a visual increase, but I didn’t get much success out of it. These hacks only appear to work with newer posted videos tho. I’ve tested this out comparing 2 identical videos side by side and the difference is instantly noticeable!

forget all that… youtube have now made it all public: http://youtube.com/video_quality_settings

Sooo, check out the quality flips and picture on Hellden’s video below:



Filed under Gymnastics, Tricking, video, youtube

2 responses to “HelldenAkro: high quality youtube

  1. It is pretty nice. Must check out more.

  2. Nice tip man, it really does make a difference.

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