dont save the best til last.

Some advice a great man gave me years ago… It never left me, and I think its time to pass to others.

‘being the best is easy, you just see what the best is delivering, and duplicate what they do… but better’

Now that’s not really helpful to most people. But out of that mashed up sentence of nonsense, I gleamed a gem of advice. The following conversation focused, on how we should do our hardest tricks all the time… then they quickly become our easiest tricks, allowing us to start stepping up to a higher level faster.

Check this: how often do you/we/I not try something, because we fear it, or need certain circumstances to be ‘right’ before we attempt it? compare the basics to the difficult stuff… how often do we practice (often pointlessly) many many moves that we already know we can do, rather than focusing our efforts on what we can’t do and using every tools at our disposal and trick in the book to fix up something sketchy, or land something completely new? I bet I/you/we rehearse our ‘run’ of landable moves, waaay more than taking the harder route of drilling the ‘impossible’, many times.

The balance is Fail Vs Win… without the success of landing things well many times, we equate a session with good or bad, win or lose, ace or shite. If we have a session that has little landed success, we feel bad in ourselves. If we don’t reward ourselves with our successes… we don’t feel like we’re progressing. But whats the point of drilling what we can already do?

Now I’m a prime example of this idiocy thinking… I’ll throw many standing backflips, because I know I can do them, and drill into my head that ‘I’ve got them’… useless… what I should be doing is working tirelessly on that shizzle that I can’t do… or struggle to land. That’s a far better use of my gym time.

I’m not explaining myself well here, I can sense it. What I’m saying is… out of the time we have flipping about… whats the percentage of landing stuff to failing/learning new stuff? … 80/20? 70/30? 60/40? … not good. I reckon if I counted, If I filmed my whole session… I bet I throw and land more moves than I do throw and fail moves in progress. And what do we do with those ‘fails’? Mostly I bet we pick ourselves up and try again, or give up.. or something similar. We should film, photo and ask for critical analysis from peers and mentors. Every fail is because of a reason, we should focus more on learning why the fail happened in the first place. And working to sort it out. Oui?

We should switch those figures around… make it 20/80, 30/70, 40/60 tops… forget the stuff we can do, we can already do it. We’re not training of the olympics here, we’re pushing ourselves, discovering our limits and competing with our friends.

So those ‘best tricks’ … those ones we keep for special occasions.. those ones that scare us. Those are the ones we should be drilling. With structured disciplines (martial arts and gymnastics), the steps to progression to the highest standard is visible, marked out and documented … with everything unstructured, we’re all flipping blind. We very often can’t see the measured, impossible, perfection standard to aim for.

I think we should all aim higher… I don’t think the majority of us push ourselves enough. Between flips, I run to do the next one, its like a race, I have a sense of urgency, as I know frequent repetition, gives me the best rewards.

‘aim for the stars, cause even if we only get halfway, its a damn sight better than aiming for the garden gate’


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  1. eric

    nice one, very inspiring. i’ve been making all my basics really clean for an audition, now that it’s been behind me it’s time to start following your advice and learn some hot new moves. cheers man.

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