an update (with subtitles)

to busy to post!

actually that’s not true. I’m not busy in the slightest… I have been at the gym 4 days in a row last week, and I have the aching body to prove it. Painkillers and chocolate _really_ feel great btw ;)

What to report on? Ummm… nothing much. I guess I’ll just type and see what falls out of my brain. I feel like I’ve been getting back to the standard I was at before ‘Ye old ankle tweakage of 2007’ as it shall forever be known… so there’s not much ‘forward’ progression made… apart from the vast improvement of btwists. All that self analysis worked, all I have to do is rotate my head slightly earlier than I would usually do, and bingo… spins like a muthafucker. Result! Video evidence is in progress.

What else? double everything. Not content with chucking double btwists for the hellavit on the tramp (learning spacial awareness I call it) .. I’ve decided to work on throwing everything twice, fuck it, why not hey? So double fronts aren’t much trouble, double backs are in progress, and double sides were even attempted on Thursday. Sure they sucked, but what does it matter really? Its all a blast innit?

Oh yeah, I’m figuring out some styled r/o back flips… ‘styled’ meaning… photogenic. Oh yeah… what a topic! I’ll post about that (later). Yeah so, I tend to spend most of my time atm, throwing myself into the pits. I’m not even hitting the main floor… it doesn’t appeal to me currently. Some people shine* the pit and claim the bounce sucks away their leg muscles, and it does… but I’m not bothered, my main goal, is to get the root down* and worry about the details later. Anyways, this pit action in the quiet moments, basically involves me throwing myself about in many different ways as I can rotating and spinning and hopefully landing feet first and head up… I really like the idea of not trying something that’s been done already, I’m a creative soul and would rather focus on creating something that is fun to me, than practising over and over again something that ticks a box of ‘correctness’ whether in the martial arts of gymnastics camp.

So yeah, that’s all good. What else can I mention? I’m working to get back my backfulls, as I had them and lost them due to me being a retard. I stopped doing them because I caned* my finger… and chilled whilst it healed… and then when I returned to throwing them, I started twisting too early, which equals: Fail ‘enter coin to play again’.

I dunno I guess I don’t have a lot to say on the old ‘me’ update… so I’ll just shut up and post this and get on with qwerting something more interesting.


*shine – pass up on, ignore, not interested
*root down – Beastie boys track – Check Your Head – 1991, otherwise used in reference to learn the basics in safety
*caned – destroyed


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