Loopkicks Vs Chinese Box

2 heavy hitters in the tricking world…. Both are incredible to watch, have some big names involved and have done so much to inspire people to get flipping and kicking.

Who would win in a trick-off?

I’m sure everyone has an opinion on this, as our immediate preference is probably deep rooted in our conscience from when we first experienced that ‘wow’ moment watching a video, or perhaps instilled from some early Karate or Gym class as kids. And there’s the divide really.

I’m sure every martial artist is going to say Loopkicks, and I’m sure every traceur and free runner is going to say Chinese Box. Perhaps its really a case of roots, tradition and discipline Vs contemporary, freedom and erm… flipping in public? To me, tricking is kicking. That’s where its from, that’s where it started and thats it should always be.

However, the masses (me included) aren’t afraid to bastardise the best bits from everything and anything that looks fun as hell and make it our own, until the final result is so confusing its hard to distinguish where our influences are from. No matter what we may argue about is ‘true’ and ‘real’… the main thing is exposure, and more people getting into flipping and kicking is a good thing. Once started, we will naturally gravitate to our preferred corners of the ring.

Its no battle to me… each side of the fence is incredible.

This post was inspired by watching the chinese box / vertical limit video below, and then realising that there’s virtually no kicking in any of it.



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4 responses to “Loopkicks Vs Chinese Box

  1. Pete Cracknell

    There’s no kicking in the chinese box / vertical limit video because they are simply doing gymnastics. I know I’m biased, but there was very little in here that resembled anything I wouldn’t expect a gymnast to do.
    As a result I’m going to get myself in trouble by saying that I see these guys as undisciplined, messy gymnasts. Damien Walters, as an extremely successful gymnast is in an entirely different league to these guys. If he wasn’t no busy trying be a World Champion in gymnastics, we all know his street stuff would be even more impressive.
    They should call what they do Street Gymnastics and give gymnastics the credit it deserves. Kids would then do real gymnastics as a prerequisite, which is a hell of a lot safer for a start.
    Rant over.

  2. agreed… street gymnastics would be better, however tricking is ‘cool’ and gymnastics isn’t, so until some big name has the balls to claim it, name it and PR it, I doubt it will ever stand a chance! Anyways… i thought ‘street gymnastics’ is now called free running?

  3. Pete Cracknell

    Maybe street gymnastics is now called free running – I’m not down with the kids’ phrases any more.
    I suppose I should just accept that gymnastics that is called gymnastics isn’t cool, but if it’s got a funky name and done with an erratic style it is cool.
    British Gymnastics want nothing to do with Free running and Parkour (they released a statement to that effect), and even I think it would be a bad idea for them to merge.
    5 years ago, if you told me that doing the same bog-standard gymnastics, but on concrete would become big business (relatively speaking) I would have laughed.

  4. yakri

    Those guys are pretty awesome, as to who would win in a trick off, i really can’t say, though i would be rooting for loopkicks on account of them being one of my inspirations for tricking (though not my main one) and videos of anis are always handy for showing up people who think tricking is silly.

    Btw, free running is an off-shoot of parkour, its kind of like a cross between parkour and tricking.

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