winter stole my muscles

An observation. A completely selfish one. I watched my latest video, and realised that my standing ‘tuckback’ (not ‘backtuck’ apparently), is noticeably weaker / lower than ones from 6 months ago. Why is this? I’m still going to the gym regularly, I’ve still been throwing the same trick multiple times a week, I’ve not put on weight, the floor isn’t any less bouncy. So i had a intriguing scratch about my tiny brain for a bit to figure out what happened. And I came to the conclusion that its the wrong season. Yes, winter creates lower flips than summer.

Now this might not be a big deal to some people, but its my excuse, and i’m going to convince myself further that its true, by rambling nonsense about it, for the next several paragraphs.

Everything is affected by the weather. And the weather is largely affected by the seasons… and the moon, and we’re 90% water… and the water retention in my thighs…. okok …. serious… no bear with me (is it ‘bear’ or ‘bare’? never mind) … anyways.


I’m in the web world (for work)… and we analyse statistics hard… particularly when site stats dip. And for a long time we changed things on webpages, tried to bug fix, change meta data, and resubmit to search engines, until one day, we figured that it was nothing to do with us … it was all todo with the weather. In the summer, particularly the end of school term time and the official start of summer, people started going outside. Therefore, net stats, globally (in the northern hemisphere anyway) dipped. Purely weather and season driven.

Which brings me back to my point and the reason why my tuckbacks are lower. In the winter, I slow down the amount of skating I do cause of the bad weather here. And skateboarding develops all those little punchy explosive muscles that kinda of come in handy for feet to feet flips.

This dawned on me on a drive to Bath today, as I thought about some peoples abilities to be naturally better at some things than others. Particularly punch, bounce, power, and jumping height etc. Some people train hard to develop the right muscles, but ways of developing those muscles occur in many different ways. My leg muscles are great (albeit, they used to be incredible, but now they’re just ‘great’) in summer… and a bit woolly in winter. Whats the name of those short explosive muscles you need in ‘nastics? Because skating really helps with that.

Aaaand there’s a new(ish) bloke that’s started flipping at the gym and he does tap dancing I believe… and I guess that develops all the right leg muscles too… cause he doesn’t appear to have any problem with gravity or throwing himself about. Alternatively another guy that flips there, lifts weights, and was of the opinion that (quote) ‘I don’t think I’m cut out for gymnastics’…. and I think he might be right, at least with his current training regime.

Soo… I guess I’m thinking about people who go through phases of ability, or get stressed because something that was easy, now isn’t… or why some people excel, be it, leg strength, flexibility or spacial awareness. Its not always how hard they train in the gym, it can be about what activities they do outside the gym, or in the seasons in between good and bad weather that can have a big influence on them.

Any changes in our life routine can have create adverse effects on our physical performance… we all know how diet can do it… and mental moods etc, perhaps pretty much everything else in life has an affect too? from the obviously major things to iddy biddy tiny things as well. Makes sense to me anyways.

So, yeah… thank god the weathers getting better here again… my life routine is about to switch once more and things will be getting very much back to normal.

A fitting video:

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4 responses to “winter stole my muscles

  1. Kendall

    So true, things always seem harder when it’s cold around here. The body just doesn’t move like it could.

    I think martial arts develops the right muscles too. I did Kung Fu before starting gymnastics and it really seems to have helped me progress quickly.

  2. kung fu? sweet.. better than me, I did a big fat zero.

  3. the ‘punchy explosive muscles’ would be fast twitch, explosive type 2 muscle fibers! which are most useful for tricking, or any sport that requires a lot of power over short periods of time.

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