I feel so spacial

i like the challenge of pushing my spacial awareness. I hate the first attempt at anything. But once spun and survived, I’m good. I’m happy to go again. Harder, longer, faster, smoother and more chocolatey.

I think I assess risk well. I break things down and figure out what I have to do to get things done. Ok, I might still not be able to do things, but the process will have been analysed… and if I still can’t figure something out, then I’m clearly missing something. So I move on.

I like this approach, its safe. I don’t like getting hurt, it reminds me of my mortality, it reminds me that by body is weaker than my mind and it reminds me that I’ve skipped a step in the destruction manual.

I watch people that do things much more complex than me, and I think ‘jesus’s underpants, wft?’ etc. Sometimes I forget and think, ‘that’s doable’ .. and sometimes I catch myself thinking… ‘jeeez.. half the planet freaks out at just going upside down, go easy on yourself old man, you’re not doing too bad’.



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7 responses to “I feel so spacial

  1. Kendall

    Hey Mark, first comment here, though I check here pretty much everyday. No offense, I’m just not much of a commentor anywhere!

    Anywho, I finally feel the need to speak up and let you know how much I enjoy your posts, especially ones like this that focus on things you are doing. I feel I’m quite like you, actually, and seem to be at about the same spot in regards to tumbling. So it’s really encouraging to me to see and read about what you’re up to.

    Keep it up, mate! I’ll see if I can try to comment more around here!

    -Kendall, another adult tumbler who started this game later than he should have

  2. thanks for the good words mate, I genuinely appreciate every comment I get. Its getting harder to post at times, but hey… as long as someone keeps reading! all the best :)

  3. Pete Cracknell

    Fantastic video. Very classy.. puts all the tricker-youtube-kids to shame.
    I’d like to put a video together one day – I think I’ll be asking for advice!

  4. yeah you should… if a shoddy flipper like me can look half decent for 60sec and 5 tricks, you’ll look steller! Bring your video camera to the gym.

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  6. good to finally see you tricking again haha…lookin pretty clean with some of those tricks, and was that a double btwist attempt i saw offa the trampoline?

  7. cheers man, and it was… gotta try em haven’t ya!

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