Tricking: ‘how to tutorial’ tutorial

I have an issue with people learning something and then trying to teach it. I really believe that most people struggle in life with learning and ‘things’ and is the sole cause of demotivation due to teachers who don’t know how to teach in the first place. Now to be a proper teacher, you have to train. But to point a camera at yourself and explain what you can do, takes no training. One will be a tried and tested method using techniques learned from decades of peers and assessment to give fast results safely, and the other will be a kid with a camera telling you what they’ve learned.

The problem is the latter outweighs the former by about 100:1. Sharing of knowledge is great, I’ve been singing its praises and doing it all my life. But identifing those that can actually teach and those that have the enthusiasm to teach is tricky. As they very often aren’t the same.

The problem I see with most people online is they haven’t actually taught people. They’ve told people, and shown people, but haven’t ‘taught’ anyone. And by ‘taught’ I mean upwards of 10+ people of various abilities who aren’t their friends. Thats the first thing. Only when you’re showing/teaching someone that isn’t a tricking or training friend, can you really see if you’re actually any good at teaching people. You will see your results by the speed of their results. Watch them have fear, fail, fall or hurt themselves, whilst following your words and actions, will be a direct result of your wrong words.

Teachers have solutions to pretty much every common problem. Its their skill, its their field, its what they know.

The second issue I have is the description type of tutorials. Whereby we watch someone doing a slo-mo move over and over again but have a very lengthy description running through it, telling you what you should do. Imo this is a better approach because you can see the thought which has gone into the tutorial. They have broken down everything they do and gone in to as much detail as possible. However we all know that showing is way better than telling and most of us will progress better because of it. But still, at least a detailed breakdown is better.

Whats the solution? I’m not sure. I guess if I think about it, you need to find a way of identifying who can teach and who can’t. Normally this is best found by meeting and talking to people in real life. Online? damn there’s not really an answer yet. But at least people should be aware that their ability to learn effectively and develop results is directly connected to the knowledge and experience of that person teaching them. Watching a kid point a camera at themselves and tell you want they’ve learned… isn’t a tutorial and will probably hold your progress back more than pushing it forward.

Once you identify someone that can teach well online. Subscribe to them, comment and rate them, but more than that. Encourage them to keep making videos. Also send them requests to make more and message them with your problems to their tutorials. People that are good at teaching and telling and have a good visual vocal presence infront of the camera. imo, is a clear sign that they should be doing something like that for employment (they just don’t know it yet). Your actions towards them will help them, plus benefit you and others learning. Its worth making a small effort.

Towlie2110 is throwing up some tutorial video’s atm. Firstly, he can do well what he’s attempting to teach. secondly, he’s detailed in his breakdown of information about what can and will go wrong. Thirdly, his video’s are clear and with good audio, and finally, he inserts his personality into the tutorials and makes them worth watching

Sitting on the sofa whilst follow a video online is probably the worst way to learn something, however if you’re going to try and pick up tips that way, at least pick someone that is good at it.

If you have found other people that produce great tutorial videos, share them here. People need to know.


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3 responses to “Tricking: ‘how to tutorial’ tutorial

  1. Pete

    I’ve sure you’ve seen this before, but just in case you haven’t:

    I still think of this video every time I see comedy advice given out!

  2. d

    your a mad fuck! nice 1!

  3. I agree the guy is doing a really good job.

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