updates, progress and observations

gym last night, and 3 times last week and a coupla times week before and a few times before that and again before that and… I’m noticing a pattern here. Are you? Its been….. jeeeez, I can’t even reca…. hang on…


…. its been 16mths of going to the gym regularly, and even tho I’m doing very little in between sessions, the progress and benefits are obvious. By taking a casual ‘I’ll do everything at my speed, thanks coaches’ approach, I’m stronger in my upper body (which is important when your day job involves clicking a mouse all day), my legs haven’t lost any strength (or gained), but then they were always strong before going to gym.

I’m still enjoying going immensely, even tho most people who I started going with have dropped out for one reason or another, and I’m getting close to being the oldest geezer in the building most weeks…. anyways… waffling, I wanted to say…

Whenever I go, I might not appear to do alot, but I’m fairly content that I’ve tried pretty much everything, and that what I haven’t tried is because I know I’m not ready for it yet. Handstands on parallel bars feel good, getting the rotation for double b-twists off the tramp are feeling great too, double fronts are in control, even tho they aren’t landed (or attempted) anywhere other than the pit, but speed isn’t the issue here remember. Double backs I want to try next. What else? front handsprings are great, as are front full twists. The most noteable thing from last night, was after careful (slo-mo) analysis of my b-twists, I can see that my technique is wrong, I leave my head watching the ground until I’m at my highest point, whilst my body rotates, then whip my head round quickly like a peroet piroette perroette ballet dancer spin. This is baaad. I also realised that I don’t rotate back around to my feet correctly after the spin.

Um, I’ll explain. A regular b-kick (yes ‘kick) is launched kinda sideways from the direction of travel, then the body floats sideways, and then landed with the legs ahead of the body and us facing the opposite direction of travel from how we began (and to keep on rotating if possible) .. so for the btwist, the body momentum should be exactly the same, except with a body twist in the middle. My bad technique was born from throwing loads of twists into the pit, concentrating on getting a decent tight spin, and worrying about the landing later. The result is me spinning well but sideways and not rotating back on myself enough to stand up properly. I know this because people always comment on how well I get height and spin well, just after I’m picking myself up off the floor. Not good.

Sooo… now I no where I suck. I can figure it out. And thats what I enjoy most, figuring out where I’m going wrong and fixing it. Its no fun for me if someone just outright gives me the solution ;)

Umm… I think that will do for now, I’ve gotta start thinking about work now – laters.



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2 responses to “updates, progress and observations

  1. Pete Cracknell

    Finding and fixing problem areas is possible the most interesting part of acrobatics in my opinion too.
    I am generally very slow at learning ‘tricking’ moves as (I argue) they conflict with my gymnastics background, but as soon as I related the b-twist to trampolining it became a lot easier.
    The way I see it, is a b-kick and a straight back somersault are fundamentally very similar moves. You can see the move the whole way around and they both have bigger brothers with a full twist in them.
    In a full twisting straight back, the key concept is taking off for a straight back without a twist. The first third and the last third are ideally identical. The middle ‘phase’ contains the twist, which leaves the last third of the somersault to spot your landing.
    A b-twist is the same concept, in that after spending a while getting to grips with the b-kick, you launch into the twist, but in my opinion, only approximately a third of the way through the move. This isn’t quite the ballet dancer spin that you have, but there is a brief parallel which leads me to believe you’re not actually that far off a very nice b-twist. Essentially if you take off with at least the power and direction required for a good b-kick, slam a twist directly in the middle and can spot the landing, you’re done.
    I won’t bang on any further but having learnt the double full twisting straight back, I reckon the parallels could help the double b-twist.
    I personally reckon the timing in your b-twist would be near on perfect if your kick was very slightly harder.

  2. Theres a man who knows what he’s on about. looking forward to seeing your btwists pete… tonight + camera = its on! ;)

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