go where the people are…

… you will know what to do – Samuel L Jackson to Bruce Willis in ‘Unbreakable’. 

Another night at the gym. Loads of front sumi’s, b-twists and aerials… also a few flips off the high horse… its about the height of a Range Rover bonnet ;)

I was asked tonight at the gym ‘do I flip outside?’… and the answer was no. The questioners were somewhat surprised (there was 3 in conversation with me) . ‘Is it the fear?’ I was asked… the answer again was no.

I dislike show offs. I like to see something impressive, in control and out of the ordinary. But done so, without a ‘look at me’ attitude. And its nice when you witness it. I guess its as much to do with the frame of mind of the observer as it is with the flipper.

The only difference between someone practicing and someone showing off, is you cannot showoff alone. I don’t flip outside, because I have no need to, no desire to try and impress anyone other than myself. The day I flip outside is the day I feel like gaining some attention from the eyeballs upon me. I can however see myself flipping on the beach, not because of the attention, but because of the soft sand… its something I want to try. Its pissing wet in the UK right now… tho earlier on, the sun was beating down without a cloud in the sky. English weather is fantastic. Forget what you think, everyday is different here, which is as annoying as it is great.

The first video I watched when I got home tonight is from Tyson in Oz. Check the vid, then go rate, comment and subscribe… its reminding me of summer and I’m feeling the urge of the soft sand and warm sun.


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