Cambridge Free running.

I’ve been away for a week working… and checking my inbox I had 190 videos to look through! I’m currently down to 89 and found this… its 7mins long so the youtube ADD sufferers out there will struggle. But it managed to sustain my deminishing attention span, due to its quality.

Cambridge – famous for its University, and allegedly… if you climb to the top of Castle Mound in Castle Hill, and go directly North, there’s no higher ground until you reach the North pole! Anyways, that aside… its good to see the traditions being ripped (respectfully) apart by the good people there throwing their creative shizzle all in the faces of the moaning old people and all over the architecture. Good stuff lads, keep on, keeping on.  waa-chit:



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3 responses to “Cambridge Free running.

  1. tom

    hi i am interested in learning free running/ parkour where would i go to learn this in cambridge that is a safe environment

  2. not sure mate, you’re going to have to track down a gym, or go out and find some people that are training. Speak to them about where is the best place to train, or maybe ask if they can help you learn – tell them you’ll listen and be a good student. Search Youtube for Cambridge free running – I’m sure there’s some clips out there to give you clues where to hang out. good luck – mark

  3. Jon

    Hey guys

    Loving the free running.

    I’m a photographer in Cambridge looking at doing some exciting projects. Getting so mid-air photos of you guys flying around would be awesome.

    Would be great to hear from you if you’re interested.


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