Loopkicks DVD review…

The Loopkicks DVD’s have arrived… and as you can guess they are good (not ‘they’ as in I’ve watched both DVD’s)… but ‘they’ as in each DVD pack contains 2 disks. The first one, is the main show… and whilst its pretty damn intense, action-wise… its actually the second disk that is close to incredible. Why? Well, because its a tutorial disk. The first disk (with respect) is tricking that can already be found all over youtube, and in some respects better quality tricks too… the quality of the footage tho can’t be surpassed. But the 2nd disk? that’s a rarity. You can’t find footage and commentary out on the internet like this atm. Until such time and some little shit goes and rips the disk, the only way you’ll be able to get words and visuals of this standard is to buy it, (win it) or go up to them in person and ask Anis in person for tips.

What else can I say? Everyone, will be buying this DVD based on the first disk, but I think its the weaker of the 2. The second disk is gold, pure gold.

Anyways… back on the first disk. I’m certain there will be mountains of reviews and forum posts about how great it is… so, just to play devils advocate and to offer up some constructive criticism, I’m going to state a few things which imo…. would have made it better.

1) Firstly… there’s a lot of larking about. Which is great because you get to personalities, and relaxed atmosphere fun. But, personally, I’d prefer all that stuff in the extras. Why? well because, watching the funny stuff once is great, twice is ok, anymore than that, and you’re hitting the skip button real quick.

2) The structure of the content appeared to follow sessions… at various locations. And this disappointed me. I was itching to see the best of the best, I would have loved a Sessh section, an Anis section, a Devera section… capturing the best tricks they’ve ever nailed. I wished there was a bit more footage of KJer for example. Now I know logistically, and practically this is close to impossible to achieve, but never the less, the illusion of this could have been reached.

Thats the only 2 issues I had with it tbh. I think Tong Len did a hellava job to capture what he did. And I don’t know if they plan on doing more… I don’t see why not. Oh on another issue, I’d love to know why they can’t get the US distribution sorted out… I’ll take a guess at the super niché market it appeals to, or maybe the music rights? If anyone knows, pipe up… I’m all ears.

Disk 2: is all slo-mo, multiple angles and good commentary… its tricking porn.


Oh and Adam won the copy I had up for a prize. He’s stoked. Its in the post today man, you should get it tomorrow (Tuesday).


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