Jake Penny: Winter sampler.

Normally when I watch a video I rarely get to the end… I’m looking for something I haven’t seen before, quality of filming/editing.. or something special in the moves. I dunno… just something other than the usual. This one caught my attention. Jakes Winter Sampler. By his own words its got too many indoors and handstandy stuff, due to the bad weather, but even still, its pretty good. The video is over 7mins long, so people with ADHD will struggle to get through it all… but the thing I noticed, was his consistency and spacial awareness with his flips. apart from a sketchy ariel twist, everything is landed fully in control. Sure that could be good editing, but even then, you can spot bad style a mile away. Jake clearly has good skills… and he’s only young (well everyone is compared to me)… definitely one to watch out for in future. Anyone that can throw ‘double anything’ is good in my books. If you’re not convinced, watch his 2007 sampler for confirmation. enjoy:


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