an update..

I managed to get my bro Ben up to the gym on Thursday, and I have to admit I was a bit nervous about it. My history of slamming into concrete regularly and developing a personal ‘ninja roll’ to help get me out of trouble, is one thing, but introducing a family member who is out of shape, not used to falling over, and certainly hasn’t gone upside down for nearly 15yrs, is a bit of a worry. Further to that, playing on my mind was his wife being pregnant and due any day, and now would be the very wrong time to try and attempt something that could sprain, twist, pull or worse a limb.

I felt I was on repeat, saying to him ‘don’t feel pressured into doing anything’, ‘stop when ever you feel like it’ and ‘take it easy’ etc… which of course he ignored… his enthusiasm and desire to prove that he’s ‘still got it’ was worrying… at one point on the tramp, he was boosting up high and I was trying to calm him down and mellow it out a bit, him saying ‘don’t worry, I’m fine’ then about 30secs later, I witness him flipping out of control and crunching back on his head… getting up as quickly as he went down and claiming ‘yeah I’m fine’… when he clearly wasn’t.

That aside, he enjoyed the night… a quick text the next day, and he claims to be aching all over. I hope I haven’t put him off. I want him to want to go again, not for me, but for him… he needs to lose weight and doing fun exercise is gunna make it easier to shift than doing boring exercise (running etc).

Me? oh the usual… I’m trying to get the technique right for punching out of a front flick, trying to power out of one, from the shoulders is proving a little tricky to get consistently, but I’m getting there. Front full twists are feeling perfect atm, I’ve no-idea what they look like, but the twist is delayed like they should be, I’m extended and are landed in control… so I’m stoked at that. If I can get the punch out of the flick dialed then I stand a chance of linking them all together (one day) .

One thing I’ve noticed, is I have a lot less sense of urgency now. I enjoy the social element equally as much as the movement part. I’m also aware of I want to be enjoying this for a bloody long time, so whats the point in rushing?


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