An impressive walk.

I’m always impressed when someone does something impressive. But then impressive to me is not doing what everyone else does, but better, thats the cliché ‘easy’ way to try and be impressive… 

Impressive to me, is doing something very few people do.

This can materialise in many different ways, but always have the same qualities. People that choose to do something different, do so sometimes out of situational circumstances, but mostly out of passion and love for something.

With this in mind, I clicked play on a video from Dogen. Now apart from knowing that he has a website, does tricking, and went from the US to Japan to study/live/work… I know nothing else about the guy. I’ve seen a few videos of his… but tbh, they jumped out at me no more than all the other videos thats out there on the net. Until the other day when he posted one of his ‘average day’… and it suddenly stood out from the (roughly) 80+ videos a day I sift through.  

I don’t know what this blog post is supposed to be about, I don’t really know if people are going to enjoy reading / watching it… but made an impact on me, so maybe it will with someone else. Either way, I tip my metophorical hat to the man. Hope life is good and wish him well for the future out there… he’s literally one in a million to take the ‘talk’ that so many people easily offer up, and turn that into a ‘walk’ and move to the other side of the world to follow their passion.

If you like the video… then go watch some more, rate, comment and subscribe. Its only fair.

I’ve just watched the video again.. I guess this post is about commitment and individuality if anything. I’ve always said to others that cool people rarely know they are cool… even tho everyone else can see it in the decisions they make and the choices they live by. I think Dogen is one of those people.



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2 responses to “An impressive walk.

  1. I just watched this video again, and remembered you had written a blog about it sometime ago, and thought I’d drop a comment here, even thought this was posted a while ago.

    I think your right, that he is one of those people, he and his website changed my life, and i think the lives of a fair number of other people as well.


  2. agreed… I wish I was as comfortable infront of the camera as he is!

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