How to fix a sprained uncle

My niece (8) has figured that I’m the coolest uncle on the planet, because I can go upside down on her trampoline and ride a skateboard. This is important when you’re 8 and your parents can’t go upside down or ride a skateboard. This is going nowhere btw, I just wanted to post something normal here, because i’m forgetting to post anything that I’m up to and keep on posting videos off of youtube. Which is making me think… why bother updating my own progress? isn’t it a bit pointless? Does it matter? The majority of people that frequent this place, aren’t here to follow anything that I’m up to, they are here because i’m linking to something, or talking about someone else. And I’m cool with that btw. Which is making me wonder whether its worth posting the personal stuff at all.

I’m hitting the gym about 3 times a week atm… and still enjoying it immensely. I’m also stilled plagued with ankle trouble, from when I injured it back in Sept. And I refuse to post blogs, moaning about my ankle. However posting updates about how I’m struggling to learn anything new because it’s still hurting, is just as bad (if not, worse) than moaning in the first place!

Soooooo… I dunno.

Another thing… hits on this place have been going through the roof lately, and I’ve only just realised that i’ve clicked over 30k. damn. I’m constantly amazed btw. Whilst wandering some other blogs recently I couldn’t help noticing that people have google ads and others plastered all over their blogs. I’m wondering about the same for here. I’m not keen to do it at all. I think ads are the ugliest thing on the planet largely (that’ll be the web designer in me talking) … but what interests me is the amount of hits a website needs to have to earn the owner a decent sum of cash. I’ve never had a blog with this many hits, albeit if they’re one-hit wonders, but that’s not the point. I guess I’ll never know unless I try it, and I don’t ever plan on trying it. I’m literally just qwert’ing my thoughts…. and squeezing a little bit of humanity through your monitor, whether you like it or not ;)



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7 responses to “How to fix a sprained uncle

  1. I’d definitely want to see how you’ve improved, but that’s just me. Especially since you haven’t posted a vid of yourself with the exception of that montage for like a few months…you should totally do a full on sampler of your tricking career thus far, and not be like me who has repeatedly put it off for school haha

  2. yeah I know.. but I’m not flipping particularly great atm, so I’ll need to sort that out aaaand… try and find moments to film. The gym is being daft atm, if theres anyone under 18 in the gym, cameras aren’t allowed :( I gotta find a way round that.

  3. Ah dude that’s totally ridiculous, wtf do they think you’re doin filmin kiddie gymnastics porn or something? But seriously thats just seems like a stupid rule, I can see why they have it but its not totally nessesary

  4. yeah the media over here has fuelled fear into every company that does anything with kids. the end result is a blanket rule: no cameras. Sooo… as you can appreciate, this makes documenting progress mighty tricky, as currently there’s someone under 18 at the gym, everytime I go there. I’m trying to find a way around it. but grrr.. it sucks.

  5. That seems hard to get around, we’ll if you’re ever over here in California in the US in the San Diego area there’s no laws like that so ya can trick freely at my gym, and I may drop by your gym sometime this summer because I’m gonna be in Europe for like a 5 weeks and I’m sure I’ll be itchin to do some flippin

  6. yeah the US looks less restrictive! Hey enjoy your time in europe, I’ll look forward to watching you flipping in front of Big Ben or off one of our red telephone boxes ;)

  7. Ian

    Hey – I’m keen to follow your progress as well. Gives me hope that if another 30 something bloke can do this stuff …
    Links to cool vids are good – but anyone can do that and we can all search youtube. The personal stuff is more interesting – more real.

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