Leeds: Parkour photos

I was just wandering around Flickr and stumbled across a whole buncha great parkour and free running shots from bennehboy. Theres a lot of great shots that caught my attention, one such flow is a collection following a group of traceurs from Leeds, documenting what the crew got up to all through the day. Its a great viewpoint of an activity that many don’t get to experience. And there’s something inherently different about the silent perspective of photos, rather than the manic video samplers you usually witness. Worth checking out here: Leeds parkour day (flickr slideshow link)

Whilst I was there, I noticed he created a bunch of sequences too… they are good quality shots and really worth checking out as well: Parkour Sequences (flickr slideshow link)



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3 responses to “Leeds: Parkour photos

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  2. Jermaine Ramsden

    I am 13 and i have for a long time wanted to learn how to Parkour but there is know clubs or classes to help me.

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