Free Loopkicks DVD

Time to go shopping people: and support the cause.

Or not?…

Me being the nice bloke that I am, bought 2 copies. I only want 1. You can have the other one for free, and I’ll post it to anywhere in the world. Leave your name in the comments… and when it arrives, I’ll pick someone.

mark :)

[Edit] I forgot to say when I’ll give it away. Next Fri sounds good to me, 25th Jan. Plenty of time for people step up and get their names down.



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20 responses to “Free Loopkicks DVD

  1. mike

    me pleaseee. i was looking for the loopkicks dvd everywhere and now its finallly out! plus it is one of my all time favourite tricking teams and continues to inspire me today. im recently in an injury and need some inspiration to get that testosterone? pumping haha. if u can send a copy please send me one.

  2. Sure, if you’re givin it away I’ll throw my name in the hat. Chris Bernasconi A.K.A. BloodyDove

  3. Adam Parker

    Dude I jus came across this site n this is the stuff I wana do, I jus started Free-running and all this stuff is amazin,
    I been doing it for just over a week now came from gymnastics and I have already learnt front summy, back summy (ish), 2 step wall flip and learning palm flip n inverted flip (nearly got them.

    I Love the videos i been on here most days watchin em over n over lol…yes I know I must be sad to watch over n over again but everytime i keep watchin for how to do the tricks n if theres a technique to it.

    Hope to get the dvd but if i dont…
    who ever gets the Dvd congrats hope you enjoi it.


  4. no worries, glad you enjoy the site. To increase the chances of you getting access to the DVD, get your mates on here to stick their names down, so even if you don’t win it and they do, you’ll probably be able to borrow off them ;)

  5. G

    Add me to the list. Cool site.
    Keep it up and train hard


  6. I’ve been waiting for them to get this out forever.

  7. Thanks for the opportunity for the free Loopkicks dvd. If you don’t choose me that’s cool, but could you point me the right way to purchase the dvd in the USA. I do not have Paypal. Also, nice site. Thanks again.

  8. hey Martin: I don’t know of any outlets selling the Loopkicks DVD in the US, I’m guessing you need to make friends with someone with a paypal account! Ooo.. just keep your fingers cross that you win it off me.

  9. Em

    pick me! pick me!!

    or i’ll just come over to yours to watch it ;o)

  10. kevin

    can u give it to me i reeeallly want it and i want to own my friends in tricking cuz 1 of em is a jackass that keeps telling me i sukssoooo memememememememememem!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kuro

    It would be cool to get this DVD, but really I just wanted to post and let you know what a wonderful job you’re doing here. I found your blog last summer right as my training was starting to lag and I wasn’t really making any progress and your posts somehow motiviated me to keep at it and see what I could really do!

    I love all your posts and I wish you the best of luck. Thanks so much for the motivation. I like to think your posts helped me hit my backflip! Keep it up!

  12. Kuro

    On a side note, if you know of any way to get this in the US, I would love to hear about it! From what I understand only EU countries can order…?

  13. yaeh your best bet atm is to get someone in europe and post it over… thats the reason why we need to make friends with people from other countries right there! I have to do the same with Amazon US products that aren’t sold in the UK yet. Grrr.

    btw – I’m picking a winner for this disk tomorrow evening. Whoo!

  14. thanks everyone that put their hands up for it, but a winner has been picked and emailed. And assuming the mail doesn’t bounce and / or they get back to me with an address, then they should be prety happy about now. I’ll blog a post about all this eventually.

  15. Adam Parker

    Hey mark thankyou soo much,

    I got chosen on my Birthday :D.

    thank you again i sent you two emails because first one i forgot to add my name. thank you soo much.

    adam Parker

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  17. haha i just found this place…….all i want to do with my life is tricking and performing but there isnt a gym for miles around and i cant learn….it gets so depresessing …and this offer is gone too hahah damn!

  18. unlucky mista! find a way, there’s bound to be one.

  19. claire nzerem

    i want a free dvd send to clairenzerem 18 ashbridge court collegeville pa, loop kick fan and martial artist

  20. Alz

    Hey there
    Was wondering if you can rip the DVD and post it on the net on rapidshare or torrents?
    Im in NZ,doubt youd pick me:( id love the dvd tho aye.
    Thanks again

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