Damien Walters sampler 2007

Olympic gymnast Damien Walters has captured a stunning reel of new tricks throughout the year. Count how many you’ve never seen before! I can watch this all day without getting bored of it.

also see: https://flipcatch.wordpress.com/2007/01/27/tricking-gymnastics-vs-martial-arts/



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5 responses to “Damien Walters sampler 2007

  1. gavin

    ive seen this vid reel on a couple of sites and oh my god this guy is fuckin amazing. Inspirational stuff.

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  3. Shelby

    omg this guy is my hero and i look up to him and i hope to some day be like him every monday i look up to him and right now i only have my tuck i hope someday i will get like him!!
    You are my hero Damien

  4. abby

    where r u from i just found out about you today and ur amazing i did gymnastics for 7 years and the biggest thing i got was my double full and working on my double back my dad has been a coach for a long time.i also did martial arts at ATA black belt academe i was a green belt in teakwondo and i learnd really fast so i scipped a lot of the stripe stuff. i was so uppset when i had to quit cause i was only four belts away or something close to tht. well anyways ur awsome and a big inspiraton and u might hear my dads name sometime cause he is national coach for powertumbling his name is chauncy. good luck in the rest of wat ur doing and i will be waiting to hear back from u. :)

  5. hey abby, thanks for the good words – however I don’t think you’re talk about me… I think you’re talking about Damien in the video right? if so, let me know and I’ll pass your words on to him :)

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